A Groundbreaking Discovery

Ingrid Millet Paris was founded by French cosmetologist Madame Ingrid Millet in 1959. After making a groundbreaking discovery that plant cellular extracts have a remarkable rejuvenating effect on the skin, she was the first to use them in cosmetics to fight premature skin ageing. She was also the first to discover the powerful anti-ageing properties of Caviar extract and to devise a way to integrate it in skin care. “Perle de Caviar” was born. 

First Clinic in Paris, France

Madame Millet also had the early insight that the most effective way to achieve beauty goals is to combine skincare products with medical and aesthetic treatments.


Following on this insight, the first Ingrid Millet clinic was opened in the heart of Paris at 54 rue du Faubourg St Honoré, across the street from the Presidential Elysée Palace in 1966. There, Madame Millet offered anti-ageing solutions by combining innovative cosmeceuticals with aesthetic treatments.


Today, the newly renovated Ingrid Millet clinic nestled in the middle of the famous “Galerie Royale” at 9 rue Royale, a stone throw from the mythical Place de la Concorde, welcomes customers from all over the world and provides tailor-made anti-ageing medical aesthetic solutions.

Ingrid Millet Today

Today, Ingrid Millet has become the leading international medical aesthetic brand providing medical aesthetic services by medical doctors and medical aesthetician as well as aesthetic services by trained aesthetician through over 100 wholly owned medical aesthetic clinics.


True to our mission to provide the best and safest medical aesthetic service to our customers, we constantly strive to remain at the forefront of new technological advances. Our French research teams focus on innovation and the application of bio-technological breakthrough to skincare. We develop our devices using the most advanced medical technologies and our experienced training teams develop programmes to serve our customers throughout the world as the leading provider of medical aesthetic solutions.

Recognition & Awards

For the past years, we have endeavored to constantly deliver the best to our customers. As the leading international medical aesthetic brand, we are proud that our efforts have been recognized over the past decades by a number of international awards, which reflect the quality and the variety of the innovative medical aesthetic treatments and products that we strive to bring to our clients.

• Prix Officiel 1995, Paris
• Oscar De La Beaute 1996, Paris
• Prix Officiel 2004, Paris
• Prix Officiel 2008, Paris
• Oscar De La Beaute 2008, Paris
• Victoire De La Beaute 2010-11, Paris
• Marie Claire Best Label Award 2012-13
• Marie Claire Best Label Award 2013-14
• Marie Claire Best Label Award 2014-15
• iChoice Internet Popular Award 2015
• Marie Claire Best Label Award 2015-16
• Marie Claire Best Label Award 2016-17